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Hyphen Disapparate!

Due to all the planets of the solar system being perfectly aligned with the sun, our moon, and six of Saturn’s moons, I was yesterday able to snag the domain name I’d always wanted for this website… That’s right–NO HYPHEN. It will now be much easier to tell people what the URL of this comic is, because I no longer have to say, “George hyphen comics dot com.” In any case, I’m very happy.

However, one of Jupiter’s moons was way out of place during all of this, and so it comes with a slight cost–for now, the old domain is down because something went screwy with the site host. So if you’re reading this in your e-mail or your RSS feed and you’re wondering why you can’t get to, go ahead and try it without the hyphen. It should work. If it doesn’t, try If that doesn’t work, we’re all in very big trouble. Godspeed.

Time to update your bookmarks!

With some assistance from GoDaddy, I managed to get the site up and running again–and this time, both and work properly. However, I’m going to be slowly phasing out in favor of the non-hyphenated version, so please, update your bookmarks! If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you don’t have to do anything–you may get a few duplicate comics as the kinks are worked out, but only temporarily. is dead! Long live!

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