Old Man, Take a Look at My Life

August 14th, 2009

Old Man, Take a Look at My Life

It’s a real article, made by, I presume, real people. I would root myself firmly in the “night owl” category, as I resemble a cross between a baby deer and a three-toed-sloth when I wake up in the morning.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Bearman says:

    That’s me except it is 2PM that I am snoring. Doesn’t look so good when you are at the office.

  2. geekbot says:

    I totally relate. It takes me forever to get started in “the morning” – and I use quotation marks because by “morning” I really mean “lunch time” – and I often feel sleepy by 8PM. The problem is, that 8PM is WAY too early to be going to bed, so I end up drinking coffee and doing things to keep myself awake. And then by the time it’s like 10PM I’m wide awake again, and I basically stay up till 2AM.

  3. Praveen says:

    I feel like doing that right now… and it is afternoon here… and I am at work…


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