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Merry Christmas, Baby

I hope if you’re visiting the site today, you’re doing so around friends, family or other loved ones, and if you’re not, go find some loved ones and hang out with them. Today’s comic is the last one you’ll see this year–I’m going to take about a week and a half to enjoy the holidays and recharge my creative batteries, so you’ll see George back here on the first Monday in January. That’s not to say there won’t be some new content until then, however–come back next week for a rundown of my 10 favorite George strips from 2009, and on New Year’s Day I’ll be announcing the winner of December’s sketch contest. You can still be entered in the drawing to win a free George sketch just by leaving a comment on a comic or blog post! Don’t worry, if you miss the December deadline, you can always enter next month’s drawing.

I want to take a special moment to thank every single one of my readers. It means a lot to me that you make this comic of mine part of your rotation. May your Christmas and New Year’s be the best ones until the next!

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