Happy New Year–Here’s December’s Sketch Winner!

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope everyone had a fun night last night and made it home in one or two pieces, at most. Also, I’d like to congratulate jynksie over at jynksiecomics.com! He’s the lucky winner of December’s George sketch drawing and wins a free sketch of the George character of his choice. Congratulations, jynksie! And if anyone else wants a George character sketch, you can enter to win one each and every month just by leaving a comment on a comic or blog post. Or, you can go buy one for just six bucks!

And a reminder–George returns for a brand spankin’ new year on Monday!


  1. jynksie says:

    Awesome!! Great way to ring in the New Year! I’m partial to Chain-Link myself, the guys got rhythm! =)


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