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Celebrating five years online!

You may have forgotten (or think that I’d forgotten), but yesterday was the “official” birthday of George Comics online! Now, the unofficial birthday of this website is pretty muddled. You see, it went live on January 27, 2005, but on that day I actually used an old comic from the original George Comics website (which was hosted at Geocities) rather than creating a new one from scratch (because I was very impatient and hadn’t been invented yet). On January 31, 2005, I put up the first “new” George comic made specifically for this website, so that’s why January 31 is the “official” birthday of this website. Never mind that the website had a hyphen in the title back then. To further complicate things, that old Geocities website went online about ten years ago. It’s sort of like that grandpa who celebrates his birthday a day after the date on his birth certificate, because someone got the birth date wrong and he celebrated it on the day after for sixty years before actually¬†seeing the birth certificate and realizing he didn’t know exactly when the heck he was born. Did everyone have a grandpa like that? Or just me? Anyway–all confusing complications aside, let’s just say we’re celebrating George’s fifth birthday. Everybody’s welcome to come to my house for cake.*

Also, tune in on Wednesday when I’ll announce the winner of January’s George sketch contest winner! Thanks to everyone who commented on a comic or blog post last month–one of you lucky people is going to win a free George sketch of the character of your choice!

*Cake may actually be stale bread

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