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Dec 29He Must Have Wi-Fi
Dec 26Christmas Aftermath
Dec 22A Bluesman’s Christmas
Dec 19It’s Extravagant!
Dec 15Return of The Paul, pt. 9
Dec 12Return of The Paul, pt. 8
Dec 8Return of The Paul, pt. 7
Dec 5Return of The Paul, pt. 6
Dec 1Return of The Paul, pt. 5
Nov 28Return of The Paul, pt. 4
Nov 24Return of The Paul, pt. 3
Nov 21Return of The Paul, pt. 2
Nov 17Return of The Paul, pt. 1
Nov 14Probably a Little Late for a Yard Sale, Pt. 4
Nov 10Probably a Little Late for a Yard Sale, Pt. 3
Nov 7Probably a Little Late for a Yard Sale, Pt. 2
Nov 3Probably a Little Late for a Yard Sale, Pt. 1
Oct 31Halloweenies
Oct 27The True Life of a Programmer
Oct 24Don’t Ask How He Goes to the Bathroom
Oct 20Mac Daddy, pt. 7
Oct 17Mac Daddy, pt. 6
Oct 13Mac Daddy, pt. 5
Oct 10Mac Daddy, pt. 4
Oct 6Mac Daddy, pt. 3
Oct 3Mac Daddy, pt. 2
Sep 29Mac Daddy, pt. 1
Sep 26A Terrible, Ancient Secret, pt. 5
Sep 22A Terrible, Ancient Secret, pt. 4
Sep 19A Terrible, Ancient Secret, pt. 3
Sep 15A Terrible, Ancient Secret, pt. 2
Sep 12A Terrible, Ancient Secret, pt. 1
Sep 8It’s a Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet World
Sep 5Online Personals Don’t Work, pt. 3
Sep 1Online Personals Don’t Work, pt. 2
Aug 29Online Personals Don’t Work, pt. 1
Aug 25The Kitten in the Shed, pt. 3
Aug 22The Kitten in the Shed, pt. 2
Aug 18The Kitten in the Shed, pt. 1
Aug 15You Complete Snowbag
Aug 11That’s a Beautiful ‘Stache, pt. 4
Aug 8That’s a Beautiful ‘Stache, pt. 3
Aug 4That’s a Beautiful ‘Stache, pt. 2
Aug 1That’s a Beautiful ‘Stache, pt. 1
Jul 28He is Just Really of No Help at All
Jul 25Flea Market Adventures, pt. 6
Jul 21Flea Market Adventures, pt. 5
Jul 18Flea Market Adventures, pt. 4
Jul 14Flea Market Adventures, pt. 3
Jul 11Flea Market Adventures, pt. 2
Jul 7Flea Market Adventures, pt. 1
Jul 4Happy Fourth, Get Out of the BBQ
Jun 30She’s Deliciously Evil
Jun 27It Must Be True
Jun 23Chain-link’s Saga, pt. 5
Jun 20Chain-link’s Saga, pt. 4
Jun 16Chain-link’s Saga, pt. 3
Jun 13Chain-link’s Saga, pt. 2
Jun 9Chain-link’s Saga, pt. 1
Jun 6He is of No Help at All
Jun 2Workplace Shenanigans, pt. 3
May 30Workplace Shenanigans, pt. 2
May 26Workplace Shenanigans, pt. 1
May 23Softball Legends, pt. 6
May 20Softball Legends, pt. 5
May 18Softball Legends, pt. 4
May 16Softball Legends, pt. 3
May 13Softball Legends, pt. 2
May 11Softball Legends, pt. 1
May 9The Wrath of Chiwawa, pt. 4
May 6The Wrath of Chiwawa, pt. 3
May 4The Wrath of Chiwawa, pt. 2
May 2The Wrath of Chiwawa, pt. 1
Apr 29Paint My House, Don’t Paint My House!
Apr 27Poor Deluded Nerds
Apr 25Oh, His Worthless Inventions
Apr 22Colleen’s Glamorous Debut
Apr 20Them’s the Magic Words
Apr 18He’s Never Coming Down, Is He?
Apr 15Tax Day is Upon Us
Apr 13It’s Really Neither Lame Nor Cool
Apr 11Just Another Day at the Park
Apr 8Softball Heroes, pt. 7
Apr 6Softball Heroes, pt. 6
Apr 4Softball Heroes, pt. 5
Mar 31Softball Heroes, pt. 4
Mar 28Softball Heroes, pt. 3
Mar 24Softball Heroes, pt. 2
Mar 21Softball Heroes, pt. 1
Mar 17St. Patty’s Day
Mar 14That’s Another Way to Get Rid of Him
Mar 10Actually, No, it Doesn’t
Mar 7Isn’t That Illegal? pt. 2
Mar 3Isn’t That Illegal?
Feb 28The Power of Positive Thinking
Feb 24Pretty Risqué, Isn’t It?
Feb 21The Ol’ Yawn & Stretch
Feb 17One Way to Get Rid of Him
Feb 14Green Love is the Best Kind
Feb 10They Were Made for Each Other
Feb 7No, It’s Probably Cantonese Food
Feb 3Every Techie’s Nightmare
Jan 31It’s Probably a Water Buffalo

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