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Dec 25Father Christmas, Finale
Dec 23Father Christmas, Pt. 11
Dec 21Father Christmas, Pt. 10
Dec 18Father Christmas, Pt. 9
Dec 16Father Christmas, Pt. 8
Dec 14Father Christmas, Pt. 7
Dec 11Father Christmas, Pt. 6
Dec 9Father Christmas, Pt. 5
Dec 7Father Christmas, Pt. 4
Dec 4Father Christmas, Pt. 3
Dec 2Father Christmas, Pt. 2
Nov 30Father Christmas, Pt. 1
Nov 27Sweet Romance From a Man’s Lips
Nov 25Oh No She Didn’t
Nov 23Don’t Get Greedy
Nov 20Is That Awkward?
Nov 18Ho Veduto un Uomo Alimentare un Uccello
Nov 16Mon Entraîneur Est Fait De Jaune
Nov 13I Had Reservations About This One
Nov 11That’s A Good One
Nov 9The Very Picture of Self-Confidence
Nov 6Haiiikuuuu
Nov 4Gravitas
Nov 2Aftermath
Oct 30Halloween Two-Thousand and Fine
Oct 28Book ‘Em, Danno
Oct 26Like Wow, Scoob!
Oct 23A Metaltastic Conclusion
Oct 21Metal Healing Factor
Oct 19Revenge of The Metal
Oct 16It Talks
Oct 14Anybody Remember Tupperware Parties?
Oct 12How Disappointing For Him
Oct 9They Tell Us That We Lost Our Tails
Oct 7It, Obviously, Is the Only Explanation
Oct 5It’s Dark, and We’re Wearing Sunglasses
Oct 2In Which Fleas and Swine Are Discussed
Sep 30K101, The Valley’s Hottest Rock Hard Rock
Sep 28Perhaps the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Sep 25They Call Him Sherlock
Sep 23Oh, That Rascal
Sep 21It Is No Longer There
Sep 18Motorin’…What’s Your Price for Flight?
Sep 16The Jaws of Life
Sep 14To Be Fair, It’s a Small Car
Sep 11And the Phone Number
Sep 9Taking the Pork Out of It
Sep 7Problems, Problems, Problems
Sep 4Getting Down to Business
Sep 2Words That Should Exist
Aug 31Not As Amazing As At First Glance
Aug 28Guilty Pleasures, Part Two
Aug 26And the Band Played On
Aug 24When Rye Just Won’t Do
Aug 21Well, Well, Well
Aug 19Perhaps She’s Wearing a Gold Bikini
Aug 17Automatic Tubular Book
Aug 14Old Man, Take a Look at My Life
Aug 12Down the Rabbit Hole
Aug 10Okay, Okay, Triathlon, then.
Aug 7More Like Sobbing Hero
Aug 5Polkas on 45
Aug 3Look, but Don’t Touch
Jul 31Pre-emptive Counter-attack
Jul 29I’ll Stick With My Action Figures
Jul 27Jug Jugga Jug Jugga Meedlee Meeee
Jul 24He Needs Multiple Beard and Mustache Trimmers
Jul 22Also, Pushed-Up Jacket Sleeves
Jul 20I Got a Basketball Jones
Jul 17Like the Sonny to your Cher
Jul 15Why Health Care is Expensive
Jul 13A Rather Disturbing Discovery
Jul 10Lament of the Freelancer
Jul 8Puh-puh-puh Poker Face
Jul 6For Those About To Rock the Cradle
Jul 3Does Anybody Remember Nerds Gum?
Jul 1A Single Tear
Jun 29Ah, To Be a Nerd in Love
Jun 26Just as Long as You Don’t Get a Treo
Jun 24You Know…Vince, Vinnie, Vincent, Pt. 2
Jun 22You Know…Vince, Vinnie, Vincent
Jun 19Danger…Curvaceous?
Jun 17How to Motivate a Role-Player
Jun 15Worthless as the Day is Long
Jun 12Fart Basket of the World
Jun 10A Refreshingly Crisp Citrus Taste
Jun 8No Things To Do
Jun 5Papillae-mazing
Jun 3Don’t Worry, It’s Waterproof
Jun 1Cosmic What, Now?
May 29Or Beethoven’s Trumpet
May 27Circa 18 Years Ago
May 25Catnap
May 22Always Plan Ahead, Kids
May 20Gull Brand Clothing and Accessories
May 18This Is 80’s Night For Him
May 15Bootylicious, Part Deux
May 13Bootylicious
May 11Play Some Air iPhone
May 8Typos in Text Messgaes
May 6It’s Not That Weird, If You Think About It
May 4Memories or Flashbacks?
May 1He’ll Never Call In Sick
Apr 29Foul Seed of Technological Corruption
Apr 27Seek Peace with your Inner Spirit, You Do
Apr 24He is a Regular Sigmund Freud
Apr 22Metal Up Your Deep Tissue
Apr 20I Ain’t No Millionaire’s Son
Apr 17The AC/DC Cover Band Rocked
Apr 15Lock Your Art Studio Doors, People
Apr 13X Squared Plus Seven Minus Salad
Apr 10Like a Fly on the Wall
Apr 8He’s Got Such a Supple Wrist
Apr 6Aaawwwkwaaarrrd
Apr 3Chicken Canon with Extra Cheese
Apr 1Guilty Pleasures 1
Mar 30Excuses, Excuses
Mar 27You Can’t Plant Me In Your Penthouse
Mar 25More Like Dear Crabby, Am I Right?
Mar 23Blood Oranges of the Serengeti
Mar 20Brave New World
Mar 18Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 12
Mar 16Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 11
Mar 13Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 10
Mar 11Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 9
Mar 9Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 8
Mar 6Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 7
Mar 4Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 6
Mar 2Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 5
Feb 27Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 4
Feb 25Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 3
Feb 23Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 2
Feb 20Invasion of the Dirtsuckers, Pt. 1
Feb 18When Nerds Cry, Pt. 11
Feb 16When Nerds Cry, Pt. 10
Feb 13When Nerds Cry, Pt. 9
Feb 11When Nerds Cry, Pt. 8
Feb 9When Nerds Cry, Pt. 7
Feb 6When Nerds Cry, Pt. 6
Feb 4When Nerds Cry, Pt. 5
Feb 2When Nerds Cry, Pt. 4
Jan 30When Nerds Cry, Pt. 3
Jan 28When Nerds Cry, Pt. 2
Jan 26When Nerds Cry, Pt. 1
Jan 12Mmm, Grand Slam
Jan 9Keep Your Receipts
Jan 7Chiwawa Rides Again
Jan 5And a Good Time was had by All

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